Ranch Horsemanship

Natalia Estrada

Ranch Academy.

Live the real deal.

Learn the vaquero horsemanship and meet great horsemen like Buck Brannaman…

Travel with us in a journey we call FEEL.

Talk with your horse in a way he can understand.

Ride Live Laugh with us…

Drew Mischianti

From the Italian Alps foothills to the ranges of Andalusia, Spain. From the wide open spaces of the Great Basin  ( the ION…Idaho Nevada and Oregon) to the cow country of the Maremma, tuscany, our horsemanship was forged in an unique way.

We mix the old country traditions of dressage, doma vaquera and Caprilli horsemanship with the philosophy bring by the Dorrances, Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman. We call it THE CIRCLE….

From Spain to California and back….

Ranch Academy uses a natural progression to start colts and people in the never ending learning path of the ranching traditions.

Drew and Natalia still do all their ranch jobs on horseback like branding cattle, doctoring, fixing fences or pack tripping up and down the hills and into the wild country of the Alps. They like solid and quiet horses with some athletic abilities that can let them be good on the range and in the arena. Confident well broke horses with a solid foundation are what they give to people in terms of  teaching and schooling.

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