Horse Training


Drew Mischianti  and his good ranch hoss..Steel.

Jaquima to freno he’s an old vaquero

from another time hands as fine as the dealers of reno

he’s been to the ocean he’s been to the sea

big long tapaderos hangin’ both sides of an old visalia tree
Hey mr. vaquero put a handle on my pony for me, teach me the mystery

Jaquima to freno he’s an old amansador

still hangin’ on, just about gone, like the California condor

he been down to the rodear ground seen him on the movie screen

ah but sometimes I think he’s like America only see him in your dreams

did they sing all day

did they dance all night

did they ride their spade bit ponies through the golden light

did they find true love…. was it all a bunch of lies… quien sabe, maybe it was paradise…

Ian Tyson

Natalia Estrada. She do lot of the groundwork in the Ranch Academy Colt & Horse program.

We do not like the verb to train. As our mentor Buck Brannaman tell us, we prefer to use the verb “teach”.

We are Horse teachers but lot of times the horses are our teachers as well. We do not have calendars and watches, so we give TIME to our horses to listen and learn and grow up solid in the body and in the mind…mens sana in corpore sano…

as the Ancient Romans said.

Drew in Montana. Mott Ranch Roundup, Forsyth, October 2009.

From the young colt to the mature horse we work togheter to built trust and harmony between the Horse and his rider.

Our program have some days when we work WITH the owner so he can really learn how to find the feel he needs to build the correct and natural relationship with his four legged friend.

We work with the rider and his horse to solve problems.

Drew & Natalia share their savvy with all their friends and students to upgrade the level of harmony with the horses.

  • Ranch roping specialists
  • Problem horses & riders welcome
  • Stallions welcome
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