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Natalia Estrada, classic ballet dancer, avid rider & artist .

Traditions & Horsemanship

We preserve the spirit of the working cowboys, the armony of a good bridle horse,the lifestyle and the culture of the wide open American West.

We have friends in USA and Europe. Ranchers, horse trainers, performance riders, but, most of all, cowboys & buckaroos.

These men inspired us all to create Ranch Academy, and helpin’us goin’forward.

PHOTOESTRADA(c) All rights reserved

Our MAESTRO Buck Brannaman.

For this reason, we have to thanks ‘em first, and not at the end of the page.

We spent countless hours and days ridin’, brandin’, workin’colts, ropin’, drivin’cattle in the open range, goin’ranch rodeos, swappin’ lies around a campire at nite… That is the reason because is not possibile to forget our mentors.

Lot of them are top hands. Many from the Buckaroo Country, people from the Dorrance and Hunt philosophy. Forked riders, real horsemen.

We lived in those wild territories side by side with the legends.

We are very proud of it. At a point of our journey we met BUCK BRANNAMAN . He’s one of the most complete horsemen we ever met in our lives and a terrific human being. He’s our MAESTRO now and we are very proud to work with him and learn FROM HIM. We are planning the organization of a series of his clinics in Europe.

N.Estrada Photo(c)

Drew & Arc Tell It Out.

Ranch Academy wants to share the real western traditions,bringin’ in the Ol’ World (Europe) the almost gone California’s Vaquero School of Riding…a culture that is start to come back in the place where it was born.

The makin’of a bridle horse is,for us,an never endin’dream…

We don’t use correctional bits, tie downs(if we aren’t team ropin…), strange tools… we have ol snaffle bits and slobber straps tied to well used mecates, darn pretty good, hand made Salinas and Spade bits, well made jaquimas and lot of patience and compassion with our horses.

We teach the art of ranch roping and the way we handle cattle that still roam free on the range…even in some part of Europe,like central Italy and Southern central and northwestern Spain.

We founded a school based on the rules of ranch horsemanship.

We live under the big sky with our horses as much as we can.


Roping a maremman cow
Drew’s Roping a maremman cow (Italy)

He is a cowboy.

He spent years and years with the cowboys and the buckaroos of the northwestern side of the american west. Drew made trips in Montana, Wyoming,Nevada,Oregon & California to learn the traditions , but most of all enjoy the cow culture of the Great Basin area, where the buckaroos still doin things in the ol’vaquero way. He works as cowhand in many ranches, the pay was food and a place in the bunkhouse and, most of all the chance to live his dream,…be a cowboy. He enjoyed the punchy way of life in the remote cowcamps durin brandings and big roundups.

Fields of Gold.

The southeastern Oregon high desert, the big wide sagebrush covered hills of northen Nevada are home for his heart.The smell of the sagebrush…is like poetry (thanks Dave!)

Photo by Natalia Estrada@

He learn all his savvy from the horsemen of this country.

His granfather was a rancher and raised bulls, mules and sheeps in the mountain country of central Italy. The other grandfather spent all his life in California, givin him the love for the American west.

Drew competed in some small town rodeos in bareback bronc riding and bull riding, but gave his best(he broke some bones try to do it) in Saddle Bronc Riding and Team Roping.


He won some contest there and he’s three time Ranch Roping National Champion IRRA, Top Hand Ranch Roping Heading F.I.S.E. 2005, Central South Circuit Champion 2006, and many other buckles are in his rope bag.

He’s a ranch horse trainer and a cow dog enthusiast.

He’s third level F.I.S.E. instructor(Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports) Founding Member of the.E.R.A. U-Rope!(European Roping Association) judge and roping Coach.

Drew is also a journalist and a writer and all his stories are about the ranching culture and the cowboy spirit.


Natalia.Ruby Mountains Branding, Nevada, USA.
Natalia.Ruby Mountains Branding, Nevada, USA.

She is a spanish classic dancer.An Actress and TV celebrity in Italy and Spain.

All the armony,the finesse the class she learn dancin…slide into her horse savvy.

She compete in show jumping,endurance,reining,cutting,roping,western performance and enjoy ridin in the outback .

Natalia & Arc Tell It Out.
Natalia & Arc Tell It Out.

She’s always in the pay window at the shows…but ,most of all, she love horses so much.

She get a official F.I.S.E. instructor Card First Level in 2005.(Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports),Parelli’s Natural Horsemanship 2nd Level,1st Grade Show Jumping Card and he won some tuff Endurance Competitions.


She rode in the Celebrity Cutting in Forth Worth(TX),and in the N.R.H.A. Futurity in Oklahoma City(OK).

She’s also a fine photographer, you can visit www.nataliaestrada.com

P.R.E. Stallion

Natalia & Drew travels all round the world followin their dream…preserve the culture of the rural people and the spirit of the workin horses.

Mail us: drew@ranch-academy.com or natalia@ranch-academy.com
Cell phone +39 335 38 97 82

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